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Why can’t I lose weight with diet and exercise? (Day 19)

Why can’t I lose weight with diet and exercise? (Day 19)

We tend to get caught up in a few components of weight loss—but which are the ones that really matter? Diet and nutrition? Exercise? Stress? Let’s talk about it.

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  1. The weight loss world is a confusing one. Many experts want us to think there’s a formula—unfortunately, that line of thinking only makes it easier to sell their products. The truth is: it’s complicated. But it may help to shift our focus to areas we may have not realized matter as much as they do…

  2. the hardest thing is looking in the mirror after youve spent so much time and energy exercising and eating what you thought was right.. and to see the fat still there. thats the hardest part. Thanks so much for your series you really cut through the clutter of diet culture marketing which i am so done with. I am going to try Whole30 and also dive deeper into cultivating a healthy relationship with my body, no matter what I look like.

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