We Dance for Mel

We Dance for Mel

SHiNE Nation will forever celebrate the larger-than-life and everlasting presence of our friend and Warrior, Melanie Webb. Mel’s energy and influence traveled far across this earth in her too-short time on it, and we know without a doubt she will continue to shine light into the lives of others for years to come. Mel’s story is our story – one of determination, grit, community and hope – and we will tell it again and again through our words, our lives and our dances, in her honor, forevermore.

Mel was a fighter, a bad-ass in every sense of the word, a warrior and a champion for herself, her boys, and all who were lucky enough to know her. She took bad news, even the worst news of all, and did what she had to do to move forward. As we move forward now, we see and honor each of you who are doing the same. There is no right way to grieve, no wrong way to feel. Mel touched each of our lives in the most profound, individual and meaningful ways; it only makes sense that each of us would feel her loss in profound, individual and meaningful ways, too. We thank you for holding space for us, yourselves and one another as we grieve, and as we keep on.

“Perhaps they are not stars
but rather openings in heaven
where the love of our lost ones pours through
and shines upon us
to let us know they are happy.”

With love and gratitude,

Team SHiNE

*The choreography shown in this video and on this channel is the intellectual property of SHiNE Dance Fitness, LLC and may not be used by instructors of other fitness formats, or in any virtual or live class setting, without our express permission and an active SHiNE Dance Fitness™ Instructor License. The routines displayed on this channel are intended for individual use in a private, home-workout setting.


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