Top 10 things to AVOID When Trying to Build Muscle!!!


Do you wonder why you’re not gaining any muscle? Watch this vid and you may find your answer! I explain in detail the Top 10 muscle building mistakes. STOP doing these things!

01:40 Too Much High Intensity Cardio
03:07 Fasting/Skipping Meals
05:43 Drinking/Partying
06:29 Neglecting Sleep
07:25 Holding Back in Gym
09:00 Training 1 Body Part Per Week
10:00 Losing Weight Too Fast
12:57 Bulking Up/Getting Fat
15:01 Skipping Supplements
15:57 Lifting With Your EGO

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  1. Natural bodybuilders do not recover as fast as PED users. Thus, training body parts once a week is a good idea. Muscle growth occurs during rest. This approach also reduces the chances of injury due to overtraining.

  2. Makes sense – simple steps to follow but somehow we seem to screw these things up. For me, there’s not a lot of noise going on in my life. Let’s get after it Coach Greg!

  3. Lost 22 pounds in one month by not eating any sugar processed shit and drink a lot of sugars. I do nigjtshifts and I do feel that i am losing muscles but hey fuck it i dont care about muscles anyways i just wanna loose the weight thats it and im keeping it up.

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