The TOP FOODS That Melt Fat, Build Muscle & Prevent CHRONIC DISEASE! | Stan Efferding

The TOP FOODS That Melt Fat, Build Muscle & Prevent CHRONIC DISEASE! | Stan Efferding

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Weight loss, better health and quality of life go hand in hand for those of you trying to improve your performance and achieve a better quality of life. Eat this, don’t eat that, do this, don’t do that, this is critical for your health, this is not, are the types of conflicting and overwhelming information you easily run across without even trying. Stan Efferding is a pro bodybuilder better known as the White Rhino, and also known for being the strongest bodybuilder. He’s accomplished much and holds world records for powerlifting weight most can not fathom. When he starts sharing what he’s learned over his professional career and what he’s found out over 30+ years weightlifting you have to listen. His book the Vertical Diet is packed with information you wouldn’t expect from a pro bodybuilder. He’s discussing his knowledge and finding with Tom to break some common misconceptions you may have around protein, weight loss and how to effectively diet for weight loss that you can maintain long term. Your foundation, habits, and consistency matters for you to reach the best health of your life, which according to Stan must include sleep, diet, exercise and healthy consistent habits.

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Introduction to Stan Efferding
1:24 | Building A Strong Physical Foundation
8:04 | Strength Training Habits & Consistency
12:22 | Key to Pushing for Success
19:55 | Training Tips to Get Stronger
23:52 | Protein Strategy for Weight Loss
25:56 | Volume & Load for Strength Training
31:34 | The Vertical Diet Explained
36:08 | All Diets Work in Calorie Deficit
44:44 | Macro & Micronutrients Ratios
52:20 | Quick Fix Hypertension & Glucose

“Sprinting is probably the single best exercise for youth […], more than I would believe squats” [5:46]
“The amount of weight you lift is not nearly as important as a host of other factors we call volume load: sets times reps times weights and then the range of motion is also a critical component.” [21:59]
“If you go to failure, you’re going to have more fatigue. You might have a little more stimulus, but you’ll have more fatigue, which might delay recovery, and that’s going to affect total volume and volume is a superior driver than fatigue” [26:01]
“The vertical diet was intended to be more inclusive of what historically I had seen as over restrictive” [33:02]
“The muscle is the most important organ in the body […] it’s a sink for glucose. That’s what the muscle is so effective at particularly when you’re moving it and working it.” [47:34]
“Taking a 10 minute walk after each meal is twice as effective as Metformin for reversing or preventing type two diabetes, just from moving the muscles and getting your your body to do what it’s supposed to do” [48:18]

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    Stay natural buddy!

  2. Unbelievable how much views and likes this has. No wonder america´s health is fucked XD Although.. the truth is out there. If you want to know te real truth, you have those people in your country. People like Markus Rothkranz and the liferegenerator will give you the real answers about health. They are 60 and 50 years old. Now, look at THEM !! This is how real health looks like. Don´t dig this bullshit here. Greetings from germany. Good bless america. Time to wake up.

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