Alright, today we’re going over the perfect push-up to build more muscle and some mistakes you might be making.



Two really important things to take away from this video. First, while push-up challenges are a great way to build healthy habits I find that if you’re serious about results and have access to a gym the best thing you can do is just add a few sets of your favorite chest exercise to the end of all your workouts. Second, the best thing you can do if you’re limited to push-ups at home is to invest in some dumbbells to not only get you a little more elevation to increase the ROM but also opens the door to so many more variations.

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  1. Been doing push ups for 2 months, I get spasms from pushing weight for my chest so push ups are all I can do for now, I have 7 weeks until I go to Orlando, I'm seeing results from the push ups, should I do 100 to 150 everyday or every other day with my curl exercises? Trying to get the chest as toned and big as I can in 7 weeks with push ups

  2. I want to believe he's correct in saying that you should always push yourself to failure, but there are studies out there that suggest that stopping just shy of failure is not only better for recovery, but also hypertrophy.

  3. Push-ups work well but as you they get easier you need to make them Harder! Add weighted backpack, lift your legs up on the couch and get elevation. You need to keep making them harder and harder to gain muscle if not you will get cut and develop a little chest but it will not grow to where you want it. What will happen is your arms will get bigger and bigger but your chest won’t.

  4. You can get plenty big and strong doing pushups, for years that's all I could do amongst other bodyweight exercises, only weights I had were pillow cases full of magazines and a trash bag full of water, but if you do a thousand pushups every other day you'll have an amazing chest and triceps.

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