The Cardinal Rule of FASTING for Sustainable Fat Loss & Building Muscle| Dr. Tommy Wood


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The biggest rule for fasting when it comes to building muscle & losing fat w/ Dr. Tommy Wood, M.D., Ph.D., research assistant professor of pediatrics and neuroscience.

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – What Did Dr. Wood Have for Dinner?
1:06 – Dr. Wood’s Background
2:09 – Importance of Moving/Exercise when Fasting
6:47 – Can You Build Muscle in a Deficit/While Fasting?
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11:07 – Cardio or Weights During a Fast?
13:47 – Effect of NEAT on Fat Loss
16:38 – Are the Benefits of a Deficit a Dimmer Switch?
18:04 – Hormesis & Hormetic Stressors – Detrimental?
22:19 – Dr. Wood’s Tips for Building Muscle while Fasting
29:19 – Do Ketones Modulate Inflammation?
32:20 – Older Folks Benefit from Anti-Inflammatories for Muscle Growth
33:46 – Were Ketones a Mechanism to Counter Inflammation?
38:10 – Glucose & Exogenous Ketones Together – Benefits
39:14 – Where to Find More of Dr. Wood’s Content


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  1. I fast 3 times a week. Monday is a 12 hour fast, eating at noon. Same thing on Friday. Wednesday is a 24 hour dry fast. Health improved markedly. Fat melting away. The real gains are noiceable after 2 months of sensible fasting and exercise. Stick with it don't give up too early and don't start too drastically. Too many critics making sweeping statements without compiling the data empirically themselves.

  2. As a person without that much fat, not using muscle tissue sounds dangerous, I often break down legs and rebuild them, after that could be my arms, supporting muscles, organs who knows lol. Surely there's more here??!

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