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The BIGGEST MISTAKES People Make When Trying To LOSE WEIGHT! | Dr. Jason Fung

The BIGGEST MISTAKES People Make When Trying To LOSE WEIGHT! | Dr. Jason Fung

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Which diet are you following? Are you doing the carnivore diet? Vegan? Keto? The choices and variations of every diet plan available is nearly endless. At the heart of the matter, diet consciousness is a question of overall health and better managing and preventing diseases and conditions that hinder your performance and destroy your ability to live a happy and healthy life. In this episode, nephrologist and intermittent fasting expert, Dr. Jason Fung, exposes the overarching importance of understanding your body’s hormonal response to insulin activated by what you eat and the frequency with which you eat. He also breaks down the three major paradigms for cancer, and ranks the danger of a poor diet as high as cigarette smoke in terms of high risk contributors of cancer. Dr. Fung is also the author of the #1 best seller, The Obesity Code.

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Weight Loss | Dr. Fung on why weight loss is critical and counting calories doesn’t work [1:23]
Calories | Dr. Fung reveals how hormones impact your body’s response to less calories [3:31]
Carbohydrates | Dr. Fung on how carbs stimulate insulin and signal the body to store fat [6:59]
Protein vs. Carbs | The hormonal response of these nutrients on satiety & effect on insulin [9:50]
Processed Carbs | Dr. Fung explains the danger behind processed carbs & hormones [13:03]
Insulin | Dr. Fung explains getting fat on calorie restriction when insulin is high [15:49]
Low Insulin Diet | Dr Fung on losing weight by lower insulin and cycle feeding & fasting [23:32]
Fasting | Dr. Fung introduces options to get through fast with salt, magnesium or broths [26:32]
Cancer | Dr. Fung breaks down 3 paradigm shifts in cancer research & treatments [28:50]
Growth Paradigm | How the overgrowth of cells have been treated by cut, burn or poison [29:41]
Genetic Paradigm | Understanding genetic mutations and the complication curing cancer [30:36]
Evolutionary Paradigm | The primitive mutation of cancer treated with immunotherapy [34:00]
Seed in Soil | Preventing cancer “seeds” to grow, understanding chronic stressors [42:30]


“So it’s simply false to say, if you cut 500 calories a day down, you will lose a pound of body fat a week, it’s actually not true in any way, shape, or form.” [5:31]

“when you’re thinking about weight gain, weight loss, you really have to think about hormones, because it’s really a hormonal imbalance, not a caloric imbalance” [12:04]

“when insulin is going down you’re going to burn body fat, […] you can’t burn body fat if insulin is high.” [21:05]

“…we’re not trying to kill cells with immunotherapy, we’re not trying to fix genetic mutations. What we’re trying to do is treat these cancers like a foreign species, like an invasive foreign species…” [40:03]

“diet actually plays a massive role, and by understanding it, perhaps you can reduce your risk of cancer.” [47:45]

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  1. How shocking was this episode? Dr. Jason Fung really changed my mind and showed several places I had misconceptions about nutrition, hormones, and cancer.
    What healthy myths do you want me to explore in future episodes?

  2. His reasoning is so right. People who berate overweight people and bully them are wrong as it is with their reasoning, but they are also wrong because their reasoning also includes that "just eat less!" or some other ignorant statement. They do not understand pathways of the body such as Dr Fung explains. Hormones such as high testosterone, low sex binding globulin hormone, and high insulin will make somebody feel so exhausted and dead… keep gaining weight but apparently unable to use anything. Oh eat less? Yeah well the body just said "ok we will, then".
    I'm curious what Dr. Fung thinks of SGBH with its studies to PTSD and then to weight gain? And what about PCOS being a hypothalamic issue or hypothyroid problems that dont show up on standard testing?

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