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The Best Ways to Lose Half Your Body Weight


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Viewer Veronica tells Dr. Oz how she started and was able to lose half of her body weight. Then, viewer Nina reveals why she decided to lose weight without having surgery.

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  1. I love what you preach, Your so right, It can be very hard to stay thin, or not go over weight because eating "NORMAL" just makes you grow fat already ! But pain is a major source of overweight, many know. For this reason, Ive studied some online things like handling narcissist, in relation to weight loss, and learned firstly to stop the social media thing, or at the very least ignore it. Doing this took away a lot of my stress, and with that I was happy enough to do my diet !!!!!!!! It is most often sadness, bullying and accompanying pain that makes a plus size person eat, eat more, and do it again. It is hard for them to start anew the next day, and when the same happens they will eat again and so on, until it just wont go back to the healthy life style. Also when doing a healthy life style and losing weight slowly, it often times happens a plus size person has one normal meal or just a bit more then the diet, and boom the weight flies back on. The general reaction is to eat again here too. I HAVE STARTED A JUICE FAST DIET and lost a lot of overweight already, leading to me being able to do things without having to rest, sit down and get over the back pain, and I HAVE ALSO REMOVED LARGE FAT AREAS WITH FAT DISSOLVER which helped me also the same way, no longer suffering pain and being tired and out of breath way to fast. I posted some videos and am new here so no one knows me ..but maybe you want to have a look and LIKE AND FOLLOW… ** You will see I have absolutely no gain in this, I don't sell anything, and don't have a website or shop (not that thats a bad thing), and I also don't try to look interesting or special with explosive popular camera recordings and etc. I do like to look beautiful and try, but I've a very long way to go. In short my story is that I do do it yourself rejuvenation and fat and weight loss. I have made my skin a lot younger and fix little problems I encounter skin ways as well .. !! Next is a wardrobe I am preparing, I am building my closet that was just delivered tomorrow and will fill it with tons of STITCH FIX fixes and free styles, I COULD NOT DO A HAUL because size 3X was to small in many cases, and I had to lose weight first to be able to do it !!! So there you go a lot to look forward to… YOU CAN FIND THE VIDEO OF FAT DISSOLVER HERE AND THE VIDEO OF JUICE FASTING HERE AND REJUVENATION AND SKIN PROBLEM SOLUTIONS HERE

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