Sweaty, Fast-Paced Upper Body Strength & Cardio Training Workout


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  1. I love love love this one!! It kicked my butt. I only get only an hour a day to get in my strength and cardio and this was awesome. I'm drenched in sweat!! More like this please!!!!!!

  2. Do not be fooled by this video! There is almost no rest in between sets and the reps are 2 sets of 14 (for both rounds!). Definitely one of my favorites, but a hard workout for sure

  3. I have done so much cardio and hiit and was trying to find a workout to begin with weights. This was perfect since it combined both cardio and weights, sweaty and strong!

  4. omg, this workout looks easier than it is. It was brutal I can't even breathe. Having the right weights is a must I totally agree with Lauren Siegert. I am so out of shape and overweight so I had to stop several times. I believe this workout is for someone slimmer or fit because it is hard for someone overweight.

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