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At Snap Fitness we offer a better workout, better experience, and better results guaranteed. Our 60 day fast start program includes a Fitness Score Session with a Personal Trainer who measures your strength, flexibility and cardio condition, and recommends a 60-day plan to improve your health. Our “Basic 8” Training Session gives you free instruction in learning our total-body, 30-minute workout plan to shape your body quickly and safely. Find a club near you to get started today!

Snap Fitness health clubs provide a clean, comfortable environment for you to achieve your fitness goals. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. To locate a Snap Fitness gym near you, visit


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  1. snap fitness is a shit company that abuse people. I had a non plan – pay as you go membership contract. When I wanted to cancel my contract they pushed me to accept a one month notice period. It means that I have to pay for one month membership fee before they finalize my cancellation while I am not using the gym. They do not show you the contract and give you the right direction.

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