Skinny Fat? Solution here | Tamil Fitness Channel

Skinny Fat? Solution here | Tamil Fitness Channel

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If you have skinny fat and is worried whether to bulk up or cut down, this tamil fitness video is for you. A scientific detailed explanation is given in this #shorts. Subscribe to our channel to know more.


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  1. Hi bro I'm a professional powerlifter i had two kids , i am doing all the workout regularly nd mainitaing body weight 57kgs fr my competition, but i am unable to reduce the belly fat but my entire is fit except belly. Kindly tell me what is the solution to reduce belly fat ?

  2. I was a skinny fat person. I did extreme keto and paleo to shed all fat that I had and I lost close to 11 kgs under 3 months. I also lost a fair amount of muscle as well. I was feeling light and great but was looking terrible.

    Then I hit gym and was on high protein and moderate carb diet and I am seeing that I am building muscles gradually. This is a process and you need to have patience. This time when I am increasing in size, I see that I don’t have love handles nor that lower belly.

    I wouldn’t suggest Keto or paleo because it is not sustainable and takes a lot of dedication. Just follow what the bro says.

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