Should You Lose Weight Before Building Muscle? | Kelly Brown


Should you lose weight before you start building muscle? I’ll tell you what you should do in this video. #loseweight #buildmuscle


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  1. So basically I’m around 187-190LBS 19 yrs old. I love to play basketball and want to get back in shape + lose weight for the season. One of my main problems is I’m not as fast as I used to be and cannot jump as high when I was 165lbs. But I realized physically I’m stronger than I used to be because I only did cardio and watched my diet at 165LBS. What’s your best suggestion for me workout wise ? I don’t want to just do hard cardio and risk losing my muscles in my body…

  2. Hey kelly, you explained it so well but i have questions anyway 😅 i wanna lose weight but not from muscle. Okey, to protect the muscle we need to workout strenght exercises. What do you mean by diet?Just maintanance calorie and eating clean or cutting calories? If we cut calories then the strength exercises we doing is just for muscle protection but not building muscle right?

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