Role Of Carbohydrates In Building Muscle And Strength


In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “Are carbs essential for muscle building or are they only necessary to fuel the workout?”.

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“Role Of Carbohydrates In Building Muscle And Strength”

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  1. Wow…… carbs aren’t necessary?! That’s crazy. I have type one diabetes and life without carbs is better for my sugars but hard for me in weight lifting. As long as I take insulin it seems like working out I end up with low blood sugar so often that I need carbs. But the less carbs I have the less insulin I need and less low blood sugars. It’s so complicated but in short my carb intake becomes so high (with the juices I must drink in order to not die when my sugars get low) that I feel it’s extra hard to gain muscle without also gaining some fat. Not impossible but very hard. I wish there were good nutritionists here.

  2. I lost ~100lbs by cardio. I’m skinny now and trying to build more muscle. I’m afraid of carbs partly because I don’t want to get fat again
    I work out about 6x a week and I’ve only seen very lean muscle because I try not to eat carbs at all and very high protein. If I add on carbs and eat the same would that make a difference?

  3. I went on a calorie calculator. It said my maintenance calories need to be at 3000 calories. I’m 6ft 6in, 225, with 20-22% bf. My goal is to build more muscle and lose fat. Will those high amount of carbs turn into fat? And can I possibly use fat in my body for fuel?

    Any advice? FYI – I lift 5 days a week (progressive overload) and off days I do active recovery. I do yoga morning & night, walk 8-9 hrs/week, sleep 7-9 hrs/day, myofascial release, and health wise my diet is clean. What am I doing wrong? I’ve struggled so hard. I need help. 🙁

  4. My question is are human beings supposed to get carbohydrates from wheat to begin with? There's plenty of vegetable carbohydrates and some like beans and rice have protein to boot. I'd really think in a more natural setting as a natural as we are, we'd probably eat more vegetables for carbs than say bread.

  5. Im increasing my intake and focusing on getting enough of each macro nutrient BUT in saying that my carbs are waaaay more than fats and protein. Im consuming 100gram protein, 40 grams fat and 170-200 grams of Carbohydrates. Is this too much and should I try to reduce the carbs.
    Note I weight 66kg and am 5ft 6.

  6. Wow genius you perform better with carbs All living creatures have a species specific diet! We are not "all different". If you've adapted your gut microbiome throughout your life with meat and fat in your diet then carbs may digest poorly. You didn't change your species. You can't choose to be a carnivore. Anatomically we are herbivores. Don't believe me, do your own homework with real science not bodybuilding forums and videos.

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