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Please Stop Making These Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Please Stop Making These Common Weight Loss Mistakes

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Will Smith’s weight loss journey is an amazing example to study and learn from. I’m so proud of Will for all his hard work through the series but wow exhausting is an understatement. Let’s go through some of the biggest changes that would have made his weight loss (fat loss) journey much more enjoyable while still getting results and staying healthy!

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  1. Fat loss is challenging enough already, so there's no need to make it even tougher with an approach that sets you up to feel like you've failed. I still see and hear about these mistakes all the time in 2021, so here are some of my biggest tips for getting serious results without feeling exhausted or frustrated!

    I'm so impressed by Will's work ethic, he put up such a fight despite the process he was given, and I'm so so happy for where he got to personally and mentally through this show 🤍 This was easily my favourite series on YouTube for a long time and I still really recommend you watch it!! 👏🙌

  2. EXACTLY. Doesn't need to be hard at all! Give yourself the time you need, and do it RIGHT. My clients always appreciate keeping off the weight long-term more than the quick relief of just losing fat for a month only to gain it back.

  3. I think he has some life situations that are draining his energy and happiness. Getting fit shouldn’t be miserable. It should be exciting even at our age (I’m close to his age and yes it is way harder as you get older). I feel for him. He needs some space to grow and find himself in my opinion.

  4. honestly it was kind of nice to see Will at a higher starting weight than I am, but it always hurts to see someone who looks just like you absolutely hate on themselves. It's not his fault and I'm guilty of it too but monitoring your self talk is huge. It affects you and your self esteem but it also affects others who are undoubtedly comparing themselves to you

  5. I’m working with a PT right now and I absolutely love her. She refuses to train anyone that doesn’t also sign up for her nutrition and mindset training because she knows that we get hung up on goals. The biggest thing we all do is send her our wins every single day. When you do that you start focusing on little things and actually see them as big things.

    I’ve been training with her for a month now and the scale hasn’t budged an inch despite me working out 4-5 times a week. It was starting to eat at me a little until I realized that my squat and deadlift form looks super professional again now, I can finally touch my toes again (before I could barely get past my knees), I could only do planks for 10 seconds before I got nauseated and now I can go over 30 seconds, I’m up on weights from 5-10 lbs to 15-20 lbs upper body, and 15 lbs to 40 lbs on lower body. Not to mention my reps have gone up by 3-5 per set.

    Success needs to be measured in other ways besides the scale for sure. Especially when you’re doing resistance training because of the weight of muscle.

  6. I loved this video. Thank you so much. I’ve been frustrated as I’ve started training quite intensely for Pole fitness, aerial hoop plus a ton of cardio & HIIT workouts. I’ve been gutted that after 6 weeks I only lost 3lb. I was devastated and thought this was a failure. BUT, come 6 weeks my body can do things it couldn’t do before and I’m so pleased/ proud of myself. What you’ve just said makes total sense with muscle gain & maintaining/ gaining weight in a calorie deficit. Game gave back on

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