Planet Fitness Gym Are Hypocrites


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  1. As a fitness enthusiast myself, I do not find these guys working out in such bad form funny. It actually pisses me off. Because some of these people will seriously injure themselves. Like that one dude leg pressing on a smith machine can snap his back and may never walk again. How the fuck are these guys allowed to operate? Comeon! Facilities like this are supposed to enjoy safety of patrons

  2. Another thing that pisses me off is how they are scamming people who are new into fitness. They want to take their money but promise them no actual results, and just give some bullshit consolation like, "Were not gonna judge you for being scrawny or fat". That is like going to a doctor, who charges cheaper but wont really do shit to treat whatever it is you have, but hey, the doctor will at least not judge you. He wont tell you shit like, stop smoking, drinking, or mandate you to live healthier.

    Also, they feed these newbies with the notion that fit people are supposed to be these douchebags who hide some insecurity by lifting weights. Ask any true fitness enthusiast, exercise is always more mental than physical. In fact when you start a fitness routine, the first gain that you get is not actually a better looking body, but a better character. You stop doing things that are bad for you, you start taking care of yourself. You develop discipline and character. That is what its about! Its not always about just looking good in your underwear.

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