Omg it’s SO big 😳 #fitness #waterbottle #hydration #hacks #healthylifestyle #fitgirl

Omg it’s SO big 😳 #fitness #waterbottle #hydration #hacks #healthylifestyle #fitgirl

Get the Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle:

Wait til the end…

For those of you who have been following me since 2013, you know that I’ve been designing water bottles for almost a decade. I am obsessed with hydration, and I drink a lot of water because it helps my digestion and also keeps my skin looking healthy.

I know drinking water can be hard because it can taste “boring“. To make it easier for myself, I love adding fruit to give it some flavor. But also what I find really helpful is turning drinking water into a game!


✨Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle✨ @POPFLEX By Blogilates

✔️ motivational time stamps from 7am to 9pm
✔️ fruit infuser
✔️1 gallon (128 fl oz) capacity
✔️ flip top cap
✔️ silicone terrazzo bumper that also TRANSFORMS into a dog water bowl!? 🐾 🐶

But honestly what I’m even more excited about…is it’s matching bottle bag! YOU KNOW I LOVE BAGS! 😭😭😭

Guys it fits the gallon bottle perfectly and it has a:

✔️ phone pocket
✔️ zip pocket
✔️ key ring clip
✔️ wear crossbody or as a mini backpack

Omggggg I can’t even handle myself right now. I think my entire identity is this. THIS IS ME. So specific and SO INTENSE!!!

What do you think!??


Ps: You can get this bottle (3 colors) and bag right now at By Blogilates


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  1. Hol up: people have a hard time drinking water??? It tastes boring???? Ok I love this idea but WHAT??? How? Water is like the most refreshing thing you could have and people only don’t drink it because they don’t have it on them or they forget, as far I as I know. I’ve never sat at a table and not started drinking water immediately. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Get some Mio or smth that’s ridiculous 😂

  2. Hol up: can’t get yourself to drink water?? What??? Who says that? The only reason people dont drink water is if they forget or are too lazy to go get some (same tho) I don’t think anyone refuses water. I’ve never sat down at a table with a cup of water and not started drinking it. I don’t think people say that, sorry. Love the idea, but get some Mio or smth that’s ridiculous 😂

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