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oddbods Slick decides he needs to get fit, and foolishly accepts Fuse’s offer of a ‘Boot Camp’ administered by Oddville’s most seriously alpha trainer. When it all turns out to be a bit too serious and hard work, Slick decides he’s had enough. Fuse, however, won’t let Slick be a quitter, and he’s got Slick’s signature on a contract to make sure there’s no chance of wriggling out of this commitment.

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Oddbods characters:
Newt – pink – loves Candy and Tik Tok; Favorite vehicle: Piaggio
Jeff – purple – loves routine and everything to be in order; Favorite vehicle: Segway Scooter
Pogo – blue – is a joker and a prankster; Favorite vehicle: Ice Cream Truck
Fuse – red – loves to compete in sports and DIY; Favorite vehicle: Monster Truck
Zee – green – loves eating ice cream, pizza, and his sleep; Favorite vehicle: Tractor
Slick – orange – is hip hop and techy;
Bubbles – yellow – loves outdoors and exploring; Favorite vehicle: Buggy

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