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My Weight Loss Journey | How I Lost 30KG (60+Pounds!) |

My Weight Loss Journey | How I Lost 30KG (60+Pounds!) |

Hi guys! In this video I get personal about My Weight Loss Journey and How I Lost 30kg as a teen. These are the tips that helped me along the way and hopefully, some of you will find them useful too! Thank you so much for watching!

*Trigger Warning
If you have/are struggling with an eating disorder or find topics like calorie counting to be a sensitive subject please do not watch the video! Your recovery and mental health is way more important!

Also, I want to make it clear that the figure on the scale is not the important part! This is different for everyone and by no means am I suggesting anyone with a similar figure should lose weight! This is purely based off of my previous and current lifestyle.

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-Next Week: What I Eat In A Week!


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  1. I’m heartbroken and depressed as fu*k 💔🚬

    Give advice if I’m doing something wrong please

    Comment so I don’t forget to share.
    I'll keep coming here to share my results and keep y'all updated
    Going gluten free for weight loss !

    181 cm / 5’11 | 74.7 kg | Vegan
    Goal – reduce 15-20 kg in 2 months
    Weight loss type by intermittent fasting
    2 meal a day
    2 pm (noon) first meal
    Cabbage mixed with types of veggies not cooked none other thing added just a bowl of salad
    5pm pre workout ( at home) whey protein 1-2 scoop or (1 sandwich)a brown bread sandwich added with cucumber, tomatoes, onion , and cabbage. Not grilled

    Date Today – 23 Sep

    Starting by tomorrow – 24 SEP

    First week

    24 Sep – [00.00] Kg
    25 Sep – [00.00] Kg
    26 Sep – [00.00] Kg
    27 Sep – [00.00] Kg
    28 Sep – [00.00] Kg
    29 Sep – [00.00] Kg
    30 Sep – [00.00] Kg

  2. No matter what you choose, diet, exercise or meds. Weight loss is not easy. I recently shared my story on my channel, on how I lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks, which could be really helpful to anyone struggling with weight loss.

  3. From today, I'm going to start my weight loss journey. I'm actually sad today bc of being body shamed at school. I'm in the 11th grade.
    28-09,2022: 17 yrs, 65 kgs, 152cm.

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