MY FITNESS JOURNEY: diet changes, current split, how to start + tips!

MY FITNESS JOURNEY: diet changes, current split, how to start + tips!

HELLO HELLO! Thank you for clicking on todays video! This one is a bit longer than usual but I tried to answer all of my most requested questions about my fitness journey. This video covers everything from my personal fitness journey, how to lose weight, and 7 tips for anyone trying to have their own health/fitness journey. TRIGGER WARNING/DISCLAIMER: there is talk about calories, cheat days, and physical appearance/weight loss in this video, along with images/body checks when I was losing weight. PLEASE click out if that is something that may be harmful to you. Down below I have included some time stamps to make this video easier to follow 🙂

0:00 intro
1:18 main weight-loss/fitness journey
3:49 diet changes
7:26 how long it took to see results
10:33 current split/diet
13:24 tips/advice

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  1. just a quick reminder: even if you work out and eat the same as her, your body will probably look different since our bodies are all different and will respond in a different way. she gave great tips and advice though so nothing wrong with that, just a simple reminder since our body does not define our worth ❤

  2. Your video helped me out a ton, ive been looking for this type of video! Ive looked at a lot of videos and they dont really cover what i dont know or what i want to know! Keep going on your journey and never give up! you have come such a long way! <33 your video helped me realize that for myself too :))! Thank you so much this video helped me a tonn!

  3. love love this video! i’m sixteen and it’s so inspiring to see someone the same age as me being so knowledgeable and mature regarding this subject. i’ve been so inconsistent throughout my journey but this video is so so motivating and your advice is amazing. just had a question as well. when you were starting off how long did you workout each day? thank u for making this vid as a helps so many people become healthier! 💞💞

  4. I'm in grad school for nutrition and love weight training and I am just impressed at the language you're using surrounding your process! I can't believe you're only 16! you're waayyy ahead of your years so kudos to you!

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