Marines Put Me Through Their Physical Fitness Test..

Marines Put Me Through Their Physical Fitness Test..

Today I’m trying the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test! I’ve never attempted this test before so let’s see how it goes…

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In 2023 the USMC is transitioning from crunches to the plank. In the video, you saw the majority of Marines going for the plank in which they hit 3:45 (maximum score).


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  1. Did my first PFT at Parris Island in 1977 right out of high school. Back than to get a perfect score you had to do 20 pull ups, 80 sit ups in two minutes (not crunches) and run the 3 miles in 18 minutes. Was in 3rd Battalion at Parris Island and we had to run in sand with combat boots. I maxed my pull ups and sit ups and ran my best time ever of 21 minutes and ten seconds. My chest hurt so bad I thought my heart was going to burst. After I graduated boot camp I went to 2nd Combat Engineers 2nd Marine Div at Camp Lejeune 1978-1982. Had a Marine transfer to our unit after he served four years in 2nd Recon Battalion who ran a PFT with my unit. That's when I got to see what a specially trained Marine could do. Not only did he dust us all, he did it with half the effort. Must admit watching this video brought back good memories.

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