Marine Commandos Put Me Through Their Physical Fitness Test **absolutely brutal**

Marine Commandos Put Me Through Their Physical Fitness Test **absolutely brutal**

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  1. The title is miss leading , am a royal marines commando and none of them tests are what we do ? None of them test are relevant to any of our test to be fair we don’t do any of them as a an actual test at no point will a recruit ever be tested on any of them things you did , no bft no cft no 30miler no Tarzan no endurance course no speed March. Was just a bit of physical exercise

  2. I struggled mentally sat on my couch watching you smash that Lucy! take it from myself an Army Veteran those Booties are a Class apart! you enjoyed that one as painful as it was it was an achievement Well Done and Well Done to those taking you through it, Professionals to the Max 👍

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