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Lost 37kgs – Success Story – Easy workout to lose weight #DancewithDeepti

Lost 37kgs – Success Story – Easy workout to lose weight #DancewithDeepti

How I Lost 37kgs using Dance Workouts
Easy Exercise to lose weight
Weight Loss Success Story
DancewithDeepti Workouts
No extreme workouts … No extreme diets

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****WEIGHT LOSS ANSWERS /Frequently Asked Questions

30mins of exercise everyday is proven to be very beneficial to fulfil your daily activity needs. All workouts on DanceWithDeepti intend to provide a fun filled workout experience by using dance as a medium of training.

All workouts are provided for guidance and education purpose only and not for the purpose of rendering any medical advice. Whenever in doubt, please always seek advice from a physician or qualified health provider to confirm if the workouts are suitable for your condition.


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  1. Hello ma'am I started doing workout by watching ur videos..enjoying it alot.. doing in the morning and evening.. I'm 60 kg and my height is 5" plz rply how much weight should I loose??

  2. दीप्ति जी मुझे अर्थराइटिस की प्रॉब्लम है क्या मेरा वजन बिना दवाइयों के कम हो सकता है

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