Losing Weight With the Japanese Banana Diet – The Top 3 Tips and Dangers Revealed!


Losing Weight with Banana Diet which originated from Japan might sound easy but must be faced with consistent and prepared body, mind, and spirit. It is considered as one of the easiest diets ever.

In summary, losing weight with Banana Diet deals with banana eating for breakfast while drinking water at room temperature. There is also the normal eating of whatever food for lunch and dinner. It is also in here where eating something sweet in the mid-afternoon is okay, don’t eat 8pm onwards, and have an ample sleep.

What are the top 3 tips in losing weight with Banana Diet?

Tip 1: One must be aware that bananas are not the main meal basically because you also need other body vitamins and minerals like protein. Bananas will work well with a meal that is healthy, and is the best way in losing weight at the same time in maintaining a healthy diet.

Tip 2: One must decide when to eat bananas because you can have your own schedule or number of pieces to eat. You can eat 2 bananas thrice a day, or you can mix it with meals, and use them also as a snack. Any mode or type, choose the best mode that works for you.

Tip 3: Digestion is the key for it will definitely harness and develop the ability of our body system to digest food, and absorb its nutrients. Weight loss is the key in losing weight with Banana Diet. Bananas have a lot of great enzymes that acts and works well with other healthy foods.

We go now with the dangers of losing weight with this diet.

Below are the five things to avoid in this diet:
1. Breakfast skipping.
2. Forgetfulness to drink water at room temperature only.
3. Not eating or avoidance of lunch and dinner meals.
4. Eating bananas only, it is not only bananas which are effective.
5. Weighing oneself daily

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