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Lose Weight with WEIGHTS (Perfect for Women over 50)


It’s NOVEMBER🦂, and today we’re wrapping up our 5-day weight loss series by LOSING WEIGHT with weights! It’s a simple strength workout done at a pace that feels just right🥰.

Find the NOVEMBER🦂 Weight Loss Series here:
Did you know that strength training💪 can play an important role in getting to a HEALTHY WEIGHT? It’s true! These kinds of exercises can BOOST METABOLISM and help control body fat, while also building strong, lean muscles.
In today’s routine, we’re picking up moderately heavy things⬆️ and putting them back down again⬇️. Generous intervals⌚ plus moderate dumbbells🔩 have us working in a productive way, while ensuring that we don’t overdo it on our way to WEIGHT LOSS!

Join me now and give your body the strong muscle love💖 it deserves! Let’s GO!

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Interval timer is set for one minute; complete the circuit three times; there is NO REST.


Curtsy Curls
High Knee Press Ups
Bent Over Flies
Deadlifts with Side Raises
Squats with Tricep Kickbacks
Reverse Lunge with a Twist

FINISHER (alternate sides):
Drinky Birds with a Press Up



Video – Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond:

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❤ Pahla B – your BEST (middle-aged) fitness friend! ❤


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  1. Another AWESOME workout! As someone who does weight training & works hard at it, maybe to my own determent as the next day I'm in really pain. I really appreciate your advice on just taking it a little easier so that we're not in so much pain that it's difficult to workout the next day. I'm really trying to take your advice to just slow down a little. After pushing myself for so many years, it's difficult to slow down but I'm doing it. Please keep encouraging us! I love Blossom as well as that sweet little kitty that was walking around like a little precious! Heart all of you!!!

  2. i'm 30, but everything, and i mean everything you said here is true and applies to me. My body is under intense stress and i know that because i push it too hard. i pushed it so hard that now i may have caused irreversible damage to my knee. So in this stress, i have gained weight again. And to curb that i started eating less. But the less i eat, the more weight i put on. i used to do IF and for some reason i can't do it any more (i have stress eating issues) and so it frustrates me more. These last few days were more than devastating for me. So when i was doing this session watching your video today, your words really resonated with me. So, thank you for this.

  3. R7 done. Looking forward to the December series which starts tomorrow. This time it really does start because it will be Monday December 6, 3021. Hard to believe Christmas is now less than 3 weeks away. I’ll see you tomorrow Pahla!!

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