Lose Fat and Build Muscle in 10 Minutes


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– Fitness trainer Jennifer Cohen shows you how to get strong and sculpted with this fast exercise routine.

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  1. Short bursts of intense exercise worked for me (accidentally discovered). A very close friend was in the hospital. I had a 5-min walk to his hospital room from the parking garage. As his condition worsened, I started speed walking then, eventually sprinting to his room. I lost 20 lbs. in 3.5 weeks.

  2. 10 minutes is not going to do much. I suggest doing cardio for atleast 30 minutes a day for starters. Try fitness blender cardio videos on youtube. Lose the fat first then try to gain muscles later. 👍🏻

  3. Diet plan from NextLevelDiet is so simple that everyone can follow it. No buzzwords, no bullsh*t, no pussyfooting. Only clear directions and instructions. Losing fat is easier than ever.

  4. 2 months ago, I was fat and had single. Now I have great body and a girlfriend. Coincidence? I wouldn't say. Trust me guys, all you need is training and diet plan. You can get both from NextLevelDiet.

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