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lose belly fat in just 10 days with this lemon water diet-lose weight and get flat stomach fast


Best drink to get flat stomach in just few days with a simple lemon water which is extremely useful in reducing weight gain and burning belly fat as well as losing weight by using this drink on an empty stomach everyday just 20 to 30 minutes before breakfast…


Have it only once a day and see amazing results as lemon helps in cleansing the liver, better digestion and with fat loss to a large extent naturally….

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  1. The comments here are hilarious🤣🤣

    Yes it works, the water is warm, yes that's a lime in the video but lemons are more rich in nutrients. You can also add a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar to help aid in digestion health and weight loss promotion.
    Eating grapefruit is also a wonderful way to go for weight loss/digestion health.

    And the 2 examples in this video are completely identical. So it's either a mistake in editing or we're all missing something. 🤣

  2. Let's say an average human requires 1000-2000 calories to function. If a person goes below his/her calory rate like 700. Is the fat he had going to be transferred as energy? Or if he eats above his calory intake. Will he become overweight?

    I heard all diets are below your initial calory intake. Because of which you may feel less energetic but workout and good sleep helps you.

    I think Consuming less calory is beneficial for overweight people, for normal weight people who want to see faster results may follow this, and underweight people should eat more than they require

    I don't really know what I wrote please help me understand real facts

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