Lose 10kg in 30 Days (Effective Cardio Exercises)


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0:00 High Knee Run
0:55 Burpee
1:50 Starfish Crunch
2:45 Jumping Jack
3:40 Plyo Side Lunge
4:36 Running and Jump
5:31 Butt Kicks
6:26 High Knee Squat
7:21 Punching
8:17 High Knee Running
9:12 Mountain Climber
10:07 Dynamic Plank
11:02 Jump Rope

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  1. If you want to loose weight fast run 5 to 8km to 10km everyday for 30 days straight … No breaks… And at the end of the month do a half marathon.. you should do this in 30 to 50 mins depending on the distance

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