LONGEVITY: Start Doing This To BUILD MUSCLE & Live Longer! | Gabrielle Lyon

LONGEVITY: Start Doing This To BUILD MUSCLE & Live Longer! | Gabrielle Lyon

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What does living a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life mean to you? How can you achieve that goal and does achieving that goal start the same for everyone? Per usual there is an abundance of information out that can be highly contradictory to each other and there is also a lot of narrative and research even showing results that are based on ulterior motives. Is it better to follow the research that says go vegetarian because animal proteins are not good for humans? Could it be better to stick with data that supports high quality proteins from an animal based diet? Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is joining Tom for another informative conversation about how transparent conversations, research and data need to be shared to better inform people about the best ways to protect muscle and thus achieve longer, healthier, more fulfilling high-quality lives. Being focused on strength and the functionality of muscles and what is required to maintain and build healthy muscle is a must for anyone thinking about longevity.


Introduction to Gabrielle Lyon
2:44 | Burning Muscle for Fuel
9:58 | Essential Amino Acids
11:55 | Why It’s Hard To Build Muscle
14:21 | Nurturing Efficient Muscle Growth
19:05 | Debunking Longevity & Low Protein
23:58 | Skeletal Muscle Principles 101
29:24 | Harmful Anti-Animal Dogma
32:58 | The Metabolic Disease Connection
34:19 | Define Longevity & Quality of Life
38:07 | Start Training to Stress the Body


“You’re existing in this incredibly delicate balance between what you eat, your insulin response to what you eat, and the muscle that you carry, and how much you use it.” Tom Bilyeu [2:44]

“The body thrives under activity, and whether you take a human, whether you take an animal, if you essentially domesticate them, and they are not training, they will lose muscle.” [6:50]

“You have to be very careful about how you want to age and this concept of longevity.” [23:16]

“Muscle is necessary, but not sufficient. You have to both have muscle and a diet that isn’t overwhelming your system.” Tom Bilyeu [27:29]

“Our expectation is now to lower the quality of evidence to be able to say, well, no plant and animal protein are the same. No, they’re not!” [31:01]

“Skeletal muscle is an organ system, just like the thyroid. It should be tested and treated as such.” [40:50]

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  1. Tom, please stop interrupting the experts when they are talking. You bring these people on your show because they are experts and have something valuable to share. We don't want to see you jumping in and interrupting or leading them. Stop it!

  2. I am so weary of terminalogy toxicity and endless mincing of nonessential issues and backtracking.
    Dr. Lyon is a clarifying presence where detail is science based and always directly supports her will to do good. She can reference all the complexities from personal research yet she remains simple and clear in message. 
    I love her.

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