Jane Fonda: Walking Cardio Workout : Level 2


Jane Fonda: Walking Cardio Workout : Level 2 is a fast-paced, fat-burning, walking workout that will span one mile in just eighteen minutes to incinerate calories, boost metabolism, and work all of the major muscle groups through a combination of heart-pumping aerobic exercise and total body-toning movements. Get ready to sweat as you build strong, lean muscle in your arms, abs, chest, butt, thighs, calves, and hips with Hollywood Legend and Iconic Fitness Expert, Jane Fonda. Learn how to drop those extra pounds and shape a sexy physique right from your living room with this fun and effective workout from Jane Fonda’s “Walk Out” Fitness DVD. Look and feel your best with Jane’s sure-fire formula for a fit and healthy body that will engage your abs and obliques, focus your breathing, and strengthen the hamstrings through a series of low intensity exercises including, lunges, v-steps, butt kicks, mambo moves, tricep extensions, and much more. Lubricate the joints and maximize results as you enjoy a soothing five minute stretching following this workout. October is “National Walking Month!” What better time to get off the couch and get in shape with Jane Fonda! Tune in to BeFit every Monday in October for more “Walk It Off October” workouts. For more workouts from Jane Fonda, Click here:

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  1. If I want to lose my double chin and belly for an event. I start 10 days early. 2 weeks if I have it. And add 5 lbs arm weights and a belly sweat wrap. At the end I start it over at 4minutes. It's such a quick workout 14 minutes so if you double it, to 28 with the additional lite weights the results are rediculiosly FAST!!! No carbs, sugar or alcohol and you'll go from a size 11-6 in 2 weeks! That's 2 dresses/ pants smaller. Plus your skin will glow and your double chin will disappear and you'll see cheek bones!!

  2. I do Jane 3x a week at minimum and have such an admiration for her. She's helping us stay fit and healthy…..I consider that quite a gift. I don't like the intrusive ads……breaks my flow!!

  3. Jane your videos are the best. I have been working out with them since I am 24 and I am 63 now. They are therapeutic for ALL the body. Even have helped me for strength my core and to recover from cirguries and back pain problems.
    There are no words that express my appreciation and admiration for you.

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