Jane Fonda: Walking Cardio Workout : Level 1


Jane Fonda: Walking Cardio Workout : Level 1 is a one mile waist-slimming walking workout that is designed to boost metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle, and stretch the joints through a continuous series of heart-pumping aerobic exercises that can be done anywhere. Hollywood Icon and Legendary Fitness Guru, Jane Fonda takes you through this cardio exercise that will boost energy, stimulate the mind, reduce stress, increase circulation, and work the arms, legs, butt, chest, abs, and back. Learn how to lose weight and keep it off permanently with Jane’s sure-fire formula of reducing caloric intake and doing aerobic exercise regularly. Get ready to sweat as you tone those trouble areas and sculpt long lean legs and a shapely backside with this soothing workout. Join Jane in a soothing five minute stretching series at the end of this workout to maximize results and avoid joint and muscle soreness. Look and feel your best and take advantage of October, National Walking Month! Tune in to BeFit every Monday in October for more “Walk It Off October” workouts. For more workouts from Jane Fonda, Click here:

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  1. Wow! So invigorating!🔥I read that Dakota Johnson had done Jane Fonda style workouts with her trainer for 50 Shades…. Such a span of years and generations, but the burn is there and refreshed motivation I have found. ❤🎉

  2. This is really good, especially if you are slowly getting back into cardio. I do this to warm me up before a two mile walk. And l return and do her cool down after walking. Many years ago when my kids were still infants. I would do her CD work outs while they were down for naps. She instructed great. Now as a senior getting healthy again glad to find her on Utube. Thank you Jane your life health changing.

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