Is it Possible to Build Muscle After 60?


YES! It is possible to build muscle after 60. That being said, you have to be more careful. As we age, we lose muscle mass every decade. We can combat this through resistance training.

If you’re over 60, you can’t train the same way you did when you were 20. Your joints have more wear and tear and your recovery ability is also reduced. If you’re not used to weight training, you may want to start with some bodyweight exercises.

I highly suggest watching my entire Fit Over 60 series to get started.


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Straight from Boomer Fitness located in Vancouver, WA, this fitness workout is IDEAL for men & women over the age of 40!

Come join fitness expert, Brian Stecker as he shows you the best fitness workout that he gives his clients, both men & women over the age of 40!

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  1. Thank you for the video.
    As a 63 year old I would add the importance of good form. As a young man I could get by with sloppy form. Now poor form leads quickly to injuries and long recovery.
    If you can afford a coach / trainer it is money well spent.

  2. I was always working out. The more challenging the more fun it was. I am now 64 but I have not worked out in about five years. I’ve lost my muscle tone. I really thank you for sharing this as I wasn’t sure if I am able to get my muscle tone back. Thank you again. Stay safe.

  3. 1:00 is it like this even if you work out all the time or does it only happen after you stop working out? Does working out reduce that loss (you said 5% but if you workout all the time do you lose only 3% or something)? If you’ve spent your whole life (some athletes and fighters have been training since as little as 5 or younger even and continue from then and there even in adulthood so when I say whole life I’m talking about something like this) working out and being fit and stop around your 50s would the loss be larger and by how much if so? What about if you stop around your 60s?

  4. Training at 60 which I am is the most beneficial part of my life. I consider it cheap insurance if you know what I mean. I started out with a good base at cross-fit for 3 years and train smart not worrying about what anyone else was doing except myself. Now I joined orange theory to switch it up which is just wonderful and I really love training 4-5 times per week and I now wow myself in my capabilities. I do plan on going back to cross-fit after 6 months at orange theory since I love the heart monitor and plan my training with it. You can build muscle at any age you just have to bring out the hero in yourself.

  5. what encouraging news!! I just started working out again at 61 and wondered if i was wasting time trying to gain or maintain muscle. I have always enjoyed working out and am happy to get back into weight training once again. Thanks Boomer Fitness!!!

  6. Very good advice, 62 here and proud to carry a decent amount of muscle, nutrition is as important as the working out, for too many years I was working out well but not really making much gains until I basically started eating more. Making sure my weight was gradually going up make a huge difference, seems obvious now but you live and learn.

  7. WOW!!! Thank you! Today, I decided to look into videos that address muscle building for men over 60. Some of the videos I didn't like. I was going to give up looking, but decided to checkout yours for good measure. I'm sure glad I did. I LOVE it! Your video was short, but nonetheless, comprehensive and straight to the point. I'm a Vegan, so I was thrilled when you spoke of plant-based foods. Very inspiring. I'll continue to tune in!

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