Is Cardio Better than Strength Training for Fat Loss? How Exercise Impacts Weight Loss


Is cardio important for fat loss? This video takes a look at whether cardio is better than strength training for fat loss.

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  1. Thank you for confirming with what I thought was best. I'll stick to my 30 mins or cardio before work as it energizes me. But my main focus will be kettle bell training as it keeps me entertained and challenged.

  2. I find both are crucial. I burn close to 1000 cals from running 5 miles (not super trained yet) BCAAs/protein/some carbs pre workout deal with catabolism. Then later do weight training for obvious reasons. But cardio (lower intensity) builds capillaries and plays right into the ball court of weight training and any exercise, lactic acid clearance, better endurance and energy etc. It's shocking how few bodybuilders do any cardio thinking it'll make their muscles vanish lol. So people should definitely do both. And try eating clean (doing both equally will create a big deficit without scaring the thyroid into dropping BMR). One tried just weights and just sprinting before, doesn't do a lot.

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