Intermediate/advanced total body resistance and cardio workout


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  1. I went from not working out at all to one body project video a day. I am pregnant but have still been steadily gaining muscle/toning, which has alleviated my back pain! Love you guys!!!

  2. Since 2019 I gave birth to my son, I have been struggling to loose my baby weight until I discovered BODY PROJECT. Thank you so much for the motivation Daniel, it is off the chat. You and your wife workout have helped me a lot. I haven’t been happen than I am today so I am very grateful 😇😇🙏🏿

  3. This was okay. Realized I needed to adjust my workouts to my own particular around the 10-min mark. Trust, this is decent for a steady pace, at-home workout but since I am currently going 6x per week, my body goals have changed slightly from what was shown here. I have learned to fill in the gaps w/alternate exercises based on what my muscles feels need working that day. This was still good to use as a steady timer and guideline, but ultimately completed it w/my own at-home routine while this played in the background for tracking 30 min timeframe/sets.

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