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I Tried Intermittent Fasting & this Happened! | Indian Diet Weight Loss Journey


Intermittent Fasting for 10 Days, with my regular Indian weight loss diet – in this video I will share with you all exactly what I ate, what happened!

Oziva Protein shake –
(it’s light, useful for those who don’t take enough proteins. But not for serious bodybuilders)

Sattu Powder –


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  1. It's my day 4 of IF.I don't have a problem with fasting or energy level but my concern is that I am gaining weight. Please suggest if it's normal. Plus I don't eat more than I initially was.

  2. I also tried this method of fasting. I must say when I started doing it in the beginning then felt sleepy and I literally slept for 11-12 hours on my initial 2-3 days. I also faced constipation. But gradually sleeping hours were back to normal and my body adopted this change.

  3. Why are you lossing weight?? You are underweight already. Actually weight is not a problem for health but problem is fat only. Weight should be maximum and fat should me minimum for health. Don't follow anything without proper knowledge. Watch we r stupid youtube channel for clearing health and fitness myth.

  4. Today is my 4th day of fasting, I almost fasted for 15 hrs for 3 days ….I already lost around 1 kg ….😱😄..I mean it's a big shock for me but really happened….
    On the morning of 10th day my weight was 65.3( it means I lost 2.3kgs in 9 days)
    On 10th day I took a break from fasting and now 11th day onwards I am back again on my track….
    Day 11- weight (65kgs)

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