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In this video, I’ll talk about common mistakes we do when trying to lose weight and how to fix them!

The common mistakes are:

1. Eating too little

2. Thinking that more cardio and fewer calories are the way to go. When your body lacks, it stores your fat as a survival mode. It has to get the energy to do all the work you want it to do from somewhere! Even if you work harder, it´s gonna storage that fat faster. It´s the body´s way of saying STOP! This CAN BE a reason to showing cellulitis.. when tho it´s a beautiful thing and nothing wrong with! train hard and I eat really good and I STILL have cellulitis.. It´s the natural for the

3. Trying out QUICK DIETS… which yes, they are gonna help you lose weight.. but soon you´ll realize that you can´t live like that so you go back to normal, which is square one and you gain it all again. Also thinking that pills or by just using supplements are gonna help you get fast results. STOP STOP STOP.. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX.

4. Not resting enough! For some people resting is more important than for others. I see people every day chasing their goals and training every single day cuz they want results..

5. Cutting all carbs and not thinking about the healthy fat calories 6. Forgetting to lift those weights and build lean muscle mass

My * TIPS & TRICKS to LOSE WEIGHT the Healthy Way:

1. Eat less amount of calories then you are burning.. or burn more then you are eating. THIS DOESN´T mean that you should to only cardio

2. Have a plan in the gym

3. Stay hydrated

4. Sleep

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  1. 1:33 Mistake #1: Eating too little
    3:16 Mistake #2: Too much cardio (combined with too little calories)
    6:31 Mistake #3: "Quick fix" diets
    9:55 Mistake #4: Not enough rest
    12:08 Mistake #5: Cutting all the carbs
    15:22 Mistake #6: Forgetting to build muscles
    18:31 EXTRA Mistake 7#: Let it take time!

    My tips & tricks for losing weight in a healthy way:
    20:32 Tip #1: Eat less than you burn
    21:40 Tip #2: Have a plan (for your workouts)
    22:21 Tip #3: How to eat – more volume & at the same time fewer calories
    25:03 Tip #4: Stay hydrated
    26:32 Tip #5 Get enough sleep!

  2. Love your videos really helps me get a woman's prospective on training and diet. My boyfriend trains and he's always telling me how to do it but he's not concerned with the same things I am. Thank you so much !!! Helps me a lot !

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