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How to Lose Weight Swimming

How to Lose Weight Swimming

Ready to start your weight loss journey? Fares explains how swimming can help you burn fat and get stronger!

Disclaimer: Before starting a new diet or exercise program, consult with a physician or registered dietician.

0:00 Intro
3:28 How weight loss works
5:21 5 tips to lose weight swimming


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About Fares Ksebati:
Fares is the Co-Founder and CEO of MySwimPro. He is an internationally recognized swim coach, American Swim Coaches Association Fellow and USA Triathlon certified coach. Fares is 3x U.S. Masters Swimming National Champion and competes internationally in pool and open water races. He is passionate about empowering people to reach their personal fitness and life goals! Follow him on social media: @faresksebati


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  1. Are you a beginner swimmer or a seasoned pro? Has swimming helped you with weight loss? Let us know in the comments!

    For swim workouts, technique tips and inspiration, download the MySwimPro app!

    Remember: Before starting a new fitness or nutrition program, consult a physician or registered dietician.

  2. I’m a beginning swimmer (reteaching myself after lessons 30 years ago). I got my backstroke back in shape and I’m working on my side breathing (your video is super helpful) before attempting my front crawl. I cannot do the breaststroke or butterfly.

    I am severely overweight and on blood pressure medication. I have lost weight since I began swimming and have made huge changes in my nutrition. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead!

    I am hoping to get more strokes learned so I can use the app to start getting workouts which will increase my progress. Should I start with the videos here or go to the App?

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