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How to Lose Weight Fast (Healthy Diet)

How to Lose Weight Fast (Healthy Diet)

Being a celebrity trainer for 20+ years has taught me how to help people lose weight, gain muscle and shape their dream bodies.

In this video, we go over healthy ways to lose weight fast. There is a lot of misconceptions on the internet on this topic so my goal is to help you understand the fundamentals of weight loss and break down the realistic options for you. This is one of many official #MagnusMethod​​ workout! These are great at-home nutrition routines to practice to gain muscle.

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  1. Magnus, thank you for these videos. I would like to see something about protein, because in the medical literature (I am not a doctor), it states that over-eating protein will not increase your muscles at an increased rate and that the over-eating of protein can force your body into a ketogenic state which strains the kidneys, forcing more water from your body, also, causing one to lose both muscle mass and bone calcium. So, something that addresses the idea that disproportional amounts of protein (within the overall diet) would be great. Best! J

  2. How to lose weight…eat less calories than you burn. How to really lose weight, eat less calories than you burn while eating 1.5-2 lbs of meat a day and also working out.

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