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How To Lose Weight: 6 Simple Doctor Approved ways to get Started!


Are you confused about nutrition and dieting? Do you want to know about safe ways to lose weight? We will discuss 6 simple ways that you can change your lifestyle for better health and sustained weight loss.

Nutrition and dieting are confusing and there are so many different options out there that are trying to push you different ways. Is it better to do a Keto Diet, Intermitent Fasting, Paleo, low carb, high fat or any other one out there? You may be surprised to know that I’m going to say it doesn’t really matter as long as you follow the 6 simple steps that most good diets should follow.

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  1. thank you for your very useful advice this morning doctor … first i watched your video about amlodopine … now weightloss … and after i have a healthy tea break … i will be looking at what other videos you have on offer!!!

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