How to Lose Fat AND Gain Muscle at the Same Time

How to Lose Fat AND Gain Muscle at the Same Time

0:00 Welcome!
1:40 – The 4 types of people who can expect body recomp.
3:21 – If you don’t fall into the 4 categories…
4:12 – Nutrition Guidelines
5:50 – Training Guidelines
9:14 – New Lifters
10:38 – My Beginner Recomp
12:28 – Should you lose fat before you Build Muscle?
14:00 – Detrainees
15:45 – Using the sauce
15:55 – Should you bulk + cut?

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Hello my strong strong friends! **Body recomposition** is when you simultaneously gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

Many people have been lead to believe that they either need to focus on fat loss, or muscle gain one at a time. While that may be true for some people, but there are a few categories of people that body recomp can work for – and work for quite easily. So keep watching to find out if you fall into one of those categories.

**There are 4 different categories of people can achieve body recomposition quite easily:**

1. New lifters (keep listening because you might be one)
2. If you have a lot of weight to lose
3. Detrainees
4. Using steroids

If you don’t fall into those categories, then recomp is still possible, but instead of noticing changes from month-to-month, you might only notice them from year to year.

**General Guidelines on How to achieve body recomposition:**

1. **Calorie Balance:** Sustain a caloric maintenance while eating enough protein. For many beginners, figuring out what maintenance calories are AND THEN, ensuring they’re getting enough protein is sufficient.

1. Especially if you’re coming from a poor diet overall, focusing on getting enough protein alone will help with satiety, building muscle, and retaining lean body mass.
2. Protein Target: 1g of protein / lb of bodyweight. With an upper limit of 250g

2. **Prioritize Strength Training** with a solid program that utilizes progressive overload
1. If you’re not on a program yet, then you need to be.
2. Squat, bench, deadlift, hip thrust, Row. Compound movements that give you the most bang for your buck in the gym.
3. Stick to your training program for 8-12 weeks. Get stronger in those fundamental movement patterns. Track what loads you’re using so you’re constantly pushing it in the gym.

3. **Cardio:** Yes you can do cardio. Since you’re focused so much on the gym now, then I’d recommend finding an outlet for cardio that you enjoy.

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  1. I am a female, 67 and just returned to body building style training…I don't "workout"…I train. I used to compete in the late 70's early 80's when the sport was new to women…Rachael McLish I believe was the first Ms. O…We were all barely bikini compared to women now. BUT at 67 and years of NOT training I got back into it and with better results than when I was in my 30's…I went into the quantum field of no time, no where, no body. My essence remembered my training and the only thing I won't do is Squat. I really don't care to have weight on me like that, but i do hack squats, leg presses…12 plates still. I'm 5 feet tall, 120 about 15% body fat. I'm actually concidering a show next year! I wouldn't Unless I think I can atleast feel like I can be part of a line up at a local show…I always eat well so I'm just weeks away from any contest, but I want to grow over the winter…then I will see.

    Just start…People ask me why I train 7 days a week…Because my body takes care of me 24/7 the least I can do is take care of it…

  2. thank you for this video! this is the very first time I watch you here and this video has helped me lots to understand and debunk some thoughts I used to have, especially regarding doing strength training while being overweight… this is gonna be so helpful as I’m planning to start training soon☺️

  3. Hi. I'm trying to minorly reshape my body and increase my endurance all around. I have some questions and want suggestions. I've been out of the gym for 8 years, since I retired from military service. Been active but not working out.

    I'm 46, healthy, 5' – 9" tall, currently 172 pounds. I rarely drink alcohol beverages, sodas, or sweet drinks. Don't like junkfood except occasionally with events.

    I have been between 145 lbs (in a few stressful times) and 155 to 160 lbs all of my adult life (18 to 46 years of age), until 4 months ago when I noticed a weight gain and mostly all in the belly area. I've stayed steady at 170-72 lbs for 4 months now. I'm nursing a mild knee injury back to perfect health (been 6 months of resting) and my focus for the next year is to strengthen my legs (with knees) and core, while I lose up to 10 pounds, or stay at 170ish at most. I don’t want to bulk or get heavier. I want to trim and strengthen. I understand muscle weighs more that fat so my weight may not fluctuate much if I'm building muscle from fat reserves.

    I am doing a different leg, mixed with core, exercise routine 3 times a week for 2.5 hours each time, at home. So far, for two weeks. I'm tired, and sore, but it feels good. My knee feels better already. My legs always feel sore as each session uses a near entirly different set of exercises and stretches to fire those muscles, and in different orders too. I have about 40 routines I am working through and use weight bands and calisthenics. I can't run due to the knee injury. I can walk, hike and do most other things though.

    I am not doing cardio but my heart rate elevates and gets a good workout as I rest minimally for those 2.5 hour sessions. I select an exercise and I do it for 5-1/2 minutes straight, with 2-3 minutes of rest, if any at all, between different exercises.

    I am very good at changing and controlling my diet. So anything I need to do, I want to do now to facilitate the body changes.

    I estimate I should be eating about 150 (+/- 15) grams of protein per day, but I don’t know how much carbs and fats to eat. I figure fat should be minimized, right? So far I have been taking in about 80 grams of protein powders a day via unflavored protein powders (miz of goat, bovine and veggie sources), and trying to eat the rest of the 70 grams in protein in whole foods. But honestly, drinking the 4 to 5 protein drinks keeps me full so I have to force myself to eat other stuff.

    I like to eat/drink water, milk, herbal tea, eggs, fish, chicken, beef, all the raw veggies and fruits/salads, green grass powder drinks mixed in water, prunes/raisens, whole grain cereals and breads, raw mixed nuts, greek plain yogurt, cheddar cheese. I also take vitmains and minerals several times a week to daily.

    Which of these foods do you think I should eat more of, or cut out?

    I could do other workouts, at least one more a week, but should I need to to meet my goal inside of 6 to 8 months? 8 hours is already a good amount of weekly home workout time.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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