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How to Lift Dumbbells to Lose Weight & Lean Up | Gym Training | Joanna Soh


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I’m going to show you and explain each exercise in detail, teach you the correct techniques and also things to avoid doing. You can also do these workouts at home. So if you’re a beginner and you want to start lifting weights, but unsure where or how to start, be sure to watch this video through.

1) Dumbbell Squats
Muscles: Glutes, hamstrings, quads and core.
Weights: Between 5 – 8kgs each or more.

2) Alternate Overhead Lunge
Muscles: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, core & shoulders.
Weights: Between 5 – 8kgs

3) Bent-Over Row
Muscles: Back & Biceps.
Weights: Between 5 – 8kgs

4) Chest Press
Muscles: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.
Weights: Start with 4 – 6kgs each.

5) Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
Muscles: Biceps, Shoulders & Triceps.
Weights: Choose something lighter but not too light, between 3 – 5kgs each.

6) Tricep Kickbacks
Muscles: Triceps.
Weights: Go for a lighter weight, between 2 – 4kgs each.

7) Reverse Fly
Muscles: Upper Back & Shoulders.
Weights: Go for lighter weights, between 2 – 3kgs each.

8) Full Extension
Muscles: Upper & Lower Abs.
Weights: Between 4 – 6kgs.

9) Russian Twist
Muscles: Core and Obliques.
Weights: Between 4 – 6kgs.

Perform all 9 exercises as a Total body strength-training workout in about 45 minutes. Follow them in the sequence I’ve laid out in this video. Aim to perform between 12 – 15 repetitions per exercise. If you can do more than 15 reps, then the weights are too light and you need to increase them

If you are an absolute beginner, then complete 2 sets for each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. As you progress, aim to complete between 3 – 4 sets.

If you’re looking to buy dumbbells, as a beginner, I’d recommend buying 2 pairs of dumbbells. One heavier pair, between 5 – 6kgs each and another lighter pair, between 3 – 4kgs each. It’s always better to buy a heavier pair because then you can train and progress into lifting heavier. You don’t have to spend your money on buying really light dumbbells, because you can easily make them at home using water bottles.

All the best! xx


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  1. Can you pin this please?
    Kilograms to Pounds
    1 kg = 2.2 pounds
    2 kg = 4.4 pounds
    3 kg = 6.6 pounds
    4 kg = 8.8 pounds
    5 kg = 11.0 pounds
    6 kg = 13.2 pounds
    7 kg = 15.4 pounds
    8 kg = 17.6 pounds
    9 kg = 10.8 pounds
    10 kg = 22.0 pounds

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