How to Gain Muscle Mass by Doing Pushups


How to Gain Muscle Mass by Doing Pushups. Part of the series: Fitness and Stretching. Gaining muscle mass by doing pushups requires you to do a lot of those pushups in just the right ways. Gain muscle mass by doing pushups with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip. Read more:


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  1. For those looking to build strength. You have to challenge how much force your muscles can apply. Doing large volumes of push ups will improve muscle endurance. But it won't greatly improve strength.

    I.E in terms of strength. 1 standard push up with just your body weight is the same as 100 standard push ups with just your body weight. But 1 one arm push up. Is making that arm apply way more force. Than 100 standard push ups.

    You don't have to do one arms right away. You can do archer push ups. Do push ups were you come down slow and push up as fast as you can. As long as you're pushing your muscles to apply more force than normal. That's how you build strength

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