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How to Exercise at Home to Lose Weight WITHOUT Equipment


Here are some of the best exercises you can do at home to lose weight and annoying belly fat without ANY equipment. No excuses. These workouts take very little time, require no weights and barely any space. If you are serious about getting into better shape, these routines will get you results!

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  1. This actually is trash.. talking as if fat people gets criticized and watched if they go to the gym I’m done with this channel.. nobody watches anyone else in the gym if they do then it’s out of respect they’re focused on their self improvement and they are already tired.. they won’t find the energy to make fun of anyone.. they’d use it on themselves instead..

  2. Being fat really made me feel sad I do anything take a bath and I'm like ye I'm fat no one loves me I eat I'm like I'm fat and just feel like not eating anymore I'm extremely underweighted but I'm fat like my body looks like shit

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