How To Build Muscle With NO GYM


For Charlie Linker, October 2021

Video Reference
Greg Nuckols, How to Make Gains Without a Gym, Stronger By Science, Free Article


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  1. 32M here. Thin frame, always been very skinny (170cm x 60kg). I went to the gym for about 9 months when I was 28-29 but was not consistent at all, I think I managed to bulk only 3-4 kg at the time.
    On June 2022 I started training at home as I became more and more interested in calisthenics.
    My home gym setup consists of: rings, a pull-up bar, parallettes and some elastic bands (that I mostly use for assistance nowadays).
    Well, during this timeframe I went from 60kg to 66kg (roughly sitting at 14-15% body fat). Now, not saying that all the gains are on muscle (of course) and some part of the quick growth might be related to muscle memory as well, but for sure I've never seen this version of me before.
    I like to think the key to achieve this was consistency and commitment (commitment on every aspect including rest time and nutrition especially).
    Currently experimenting with an upper/lower split and training 4-5 days a week depending on work commitments.
    I don't know if my training routine will be successful for many more months, but so far it has been with bodyweight exercises only.
    I live abroad, so the best part of this transformation was seeing the reaction from friends/family after I came back to my hometown a couple weeks ago, felt great. Oh! and learning how to balance the handstand for 10 seconds (though the kicking part still sucks haha).
    Hope this post can be helpful/encouraging for other people in a similar situation.

    Your channel is very informative, subscribed!

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  2. I have been working out exclusively at home for 25 years.
    I keep the equipment fairly minimal, just a regular bench, barbell, couple of dumbell handles and of course some weight plates.
    It does not cost much ( especially if you look for used stuff online) and already gives you access to a lot of different exercices.
    Of course it does not allow for the same level of training as a properly equiped gym but if you're not aiming for top performance anyway, it is likely to be all you need.

  3. KETTLEBELLS and CLUBBLELLS. Common I can't believe you completely dismissed kettlebells, their primary role is core and posterior chain development, what every modern man needs. And clubbells are fantastic for shoulder and upper back health.

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