How to Build Muscle (THE ULTIMATE VIDEO!)


Get the ultimate program for building ripped, lean athletic muscle

If you are looking to build muscle and have been told the only good way to do it was by lifting the heaviest weights you can, then this is the perfect video for you. You see, while lifting heavy is an excellent way to build muscle fast it’s not the only way. In fact, of all the ways you can build muscle that is the one that will likely plateau the fastest bringing your gains to a screeching halt. It’s simply impossible to continue to add weight to the bar, workout after workout. Sooner or later you won’t be able to do this and you will be out of muscle building techniques if you rely solely on this.

Instead, with this ultimate video on how to build muscle you will see there are far more techniques to help you do this. By pulling from many of the workout tips across the various ATHLEAN-X workout programs I show you many more ways to stimulate muscle growth. Some of these include performing one and a half reps, explosive reps, or simply extending your time under muscle tension via the extended sets offered by our “in10sity techniques”.

Beyond just how you lift the weight however are what you are using to perform the exercises. If you change the equipment you use you can definitely have on impact on how much muscle you can build by performing the exercise. I show you how a simple switch to dumbbells offers benefits in muscle gain beyond just what barbells can provide. Taking it further, it is demonstrated how cables and resistance bands offer an even different stimulus for muscle growth. Adding two of them together in the same set takes it even more to the extreme and provides an even more effective way to build muscle fast.

This is just the start however, since you can also vary the way you rest between sets and how you string your sets together within a workout. If you condense the time you rest between sets, as you do in density training, you will perform the same amount of muscle work that you would in a typically longer workout. This has an end result of more work being done by your muscles in the workout. More work will equal more overload, which is a prerequisite for new muscle growth and bigger muscles.

Finally, even if you don’t have access to equipment you can still build new muscle. Taking a concept from the ATHLEAN XERO program, I show you an exercise you can do in a simple doorway to get those biceps growing. With over 150 bodyweight exercises to build muscle available in the program, it has become the definitive program for building muscle size without needing equipment. This and all of the ATHLEAN-X programs are available at to help you start training like an athlete.

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