How To Build Muscle Strength- A Complete Guide

How To Build Muscle Strength- A Complete Guide



0:00 Introduction
1:29 Exercise
1:58 weight lifting
2:14 No pain no gain
2:37 Easy warmup
2:49 Fix your repetition maximum
3:12 be consistent

Before diving straight into ideas to build muscle strength, let us first take a look on basic outline of muscles, so that we can understand better about the guy we are talking about.
Muscle is a complex entity of our body. It has a mighty power of adaptation no matter how we use it. Muscles are one of those parts of our body that adapt and change multiple times throughout our lifecycle.
There are three types of muscles in our body performing different functions. They are:
1. Cardiac muscles
2. Smooth muscles
Both of these muscles are involuntary that means we doo not control them. Thank goodness! Or it would have been really exhausting to control them without taking rest. In this case, rest means death! So we sure do not want to control them.
3. Skeletal muscles
Skeletal muscle is the voluntary muscle type. We can consciously control this dude and ask it do whatever we want to. It makes up the most of our body weight.
In today’s topic of building muscle strength, we are going to talk about skeletal muscles to be specific.
A guide to strengthen your muscles:
Who doesn’t want to be stronger? Doing all the daily life chores effortlessly is no less than a blessing.
But before anything, you must hold on to the fact that you will get the desirable results only if you are consistent with your routine and follow it religiously.
Exercise is one of the most powerful methods to maintain our health. Exercise helps in stretching your body muscles and makes them resistant to any kind of tear when you are lifting weights or doing some strenuous activity.
Types of exercises you can do:
1. Push-ups
2. Squats
3. Lunges
4. Crunches
5. Plank
6. Bridges
Weight lifting
Weight lifting component plays a huge role by improving muscle cells and preventing loss of the same. You don’t have to lift heavy weights like a body builder to strengthen your muscles. It will give your muscles a good reason to strengthen.
No Pain No Gain
Hold on and push your limits while doing the training. If you are doing the workout comfortably, you are not gaining anything new since your muscles are already adapt to that and won’t grow until they are in a crises that forces them to grow in strength.
But that doesn’t mean you will push yourself to the point of tearing down your muscle. Just know the right time to let go.
Easy warm up
Don’t go hard on yourself in the very beginning of your workout session. It will only exhaust your muscles and they won’t be able to work during the main course.
Fix your Repetition Maximum
Figure out the amount of weight the heaviest you can lift at a time. Use that weight as your 1 repetition and do 8-10 repetitions in each set.
However, exhaustion of muscles is more important than the number of repetitions you did. If you think your muscles are not exhausted and you can do more repetitions, just go for more.
Be consistent
The satellite cells (free muscle cells) fuse together in our growth and strengthening phase which makes them bigger and stronger. But if you are training them consistently, they are believed to shrink and you will have to start it all over again.
“Use it or lose it”


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