How To BUILD MUSCLE & Lose Belly Fat For LONGEVITY! | Gabrielle Lyon

How To BUILD MUSCLE & Lose Belly Fat For LONGEVITY! | Gabrielle Lyon

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Is aging gracefully and being healthy in your old age a goal or something that’s nice to hope for with no real expectations? If you search for tips on how to age gracefully, you get tips for how to be more mindful, be more forgiving, stay curious, keep learning, and more. You’ll find a few tips around staying physically active, but you don’t see a lot of advice (if any) on building muscle, getting in the gym, hitting the weights, and putting your body under stress.

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon began her 20+ year career in geriatric medicine and palliative care. In her observations and studies on people in declining physical and mental health she became passionately aware of the missed opportunity in the medical community. Chronic diseases commonly associated with aging such as Alzheimers, cardiac disease, and diabetes, were being studied without addressing the underlying source that’s contributing to the problems, deteriorating skeletal muscle.

By the end of this episode, if you’re not convinced on the power of muscle building you may want to rewatch. Whether you are male or female, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or older, everyone needs to be invested in building muscle tissue to age gracefully and have a better quality of life. Healthy aging isn’t just about maintaining mental cognition with a failing body, it’s about having quality interactions and the physical ability to stand, walk, and travel without the fear of falling or being dependent on everyone for everything.


0:00 | Introduction to Gabrielle Lyon
0:14 | Focus on Resistance Training
13:06 | The 1st Meal of the Day Right
19:26 | Muscle-Centric Protection to Aging
34:17 | How to Reverse Aging
58:02 | Reduce the Fat Storage
1:08:41 | Build Muscle & Don’t Lose It


“If you eat food that is subthreshold to that 2.5g of leucine you will be skinny fat…” [2:42]

“The wider the waistline the lower the brain volume.” [23:19]

“Lifestyle, choices midlife, having access to the right information changes the trajectory of aging.” [23:41]

“Muscle is a nutrient sensing organ.” [34:26]

“In the literature high quality protein is defined by amino acid content. It’s not a negotiable nebulous concept; these are hard fast biological numbers.” [36:47]

“When we’re talking about the general population, typically people don’t have a good solid foundational muscular base.” [43:33]

“Everybody’s focused on adiposity, everybody’s focusing on insulin resistance, and if you care about root causes you have to care about skeletal muscle.” [45:22]

“You have to train hard, […] you have to get the stress in. The body thrives under stress, […] your body requires physical stress.” [56:34]

“When we are older, 30s, 40s, we are now no longer driven by hormones. We are now driven by dietary sensing mechanisms.” [57:27]

“You have to get the foundational piece right up front, and that is high quality training is a non-negotiable, and number two, high quality proteins.” [57:50]

“If you want to survive, the more muscle you have the more likely you’ll survive.” [1:05:53]

“Obesity, diabetes, Alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, these are pathologies. These are metabolic pathologies that can be corrected by having healthy muscle tissue.” [1:08:27]

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  1. Then there’s drs that say too much animal protein kills your kidneys! I’ve worked in a senior living center and I’ve noticed those who are faithful to a glass of milk at every small meal seems to live and walk the longest and their brain function is still in tack! One elderly man over 100 ate high carbs every single day. His breakfast meal was waffles, peach yogurt , cranberry juice and 2 pieces of bacon and black coffee, and he wasn’t diabetic and he was still walking with no assistance! So I guess you have to figure out what’s the best food for your own body!

  2. She’s absolutely correct. A common mistake when people decide to lose weight is over focusing on cutting carb based processed, junk foods, etc.. and not replacing some of those calories with quality protein and adequate healthy fats. “Losing weight” is just part of the whole equation to looking and feeling good.

  3. Hmmm… no mention of the microbiome, or our gut and immune system, vegetables, how eating almost only meat protein and your daily bowel movements? I appreciate the importance of muscle and protein but this sounds so very restricted?

  4. This was such a thought provoking video. I was inspired to look up Jack Lalanne's life and he lived to 96 yrs and died of pneumonia. He was extreme in his exercise and ate a "veg diet" but had fish and egg whites every dinner. Interesting and it's really cool to actively work and prepare to age better. Thanks lady and gent for the video.

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