How to Build Muscle Faster (Science Explained)





This FitnessFAQs video teaches the fastest way to build muscle using smart workouts.

Supersets are the best way to save time and get faster results at the gym. The same principles
can also be applied for home workouts, it’s possible to gain size without weights too.

If you’re someone who wants fast muscle growth be sure to pay attention.

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  1. got it so supersets can save time because u still are resting when doing antagonist. rest 1 minutes between and then 3 minutes between each paire of supersets. also it keeps the body moving which might help clear metabolite flow and also may help with muscle recruitment

  2. Okay so you still need to properly rest after each pair of sets (like at least 3 minutes for compound stuff, 1-3 minutes for isolation).

    So, set 1: Exercise 1, exercise 2, rest 3m

    Set 2: Exercise 1, exercise 2, rest 3m, etc.

    (Can also rest up to a minute between exercise 1 and exercise 2 if you need to catch your breath sort of thing).

    I was just doing 1.5 minutes of rest between every individual set until my whole workout was done lol. Not QUITE enough rest there. But it was still like 3.5 minutes of rest until doing the same exercise again…
    As opposed to doing 2 exercises back to back and then waiting 3 minutes (then maybe 30 seconds max to catch my breath and get into the next exercise).
    But, that is less rest at one time, which I think is worse for recovery I think, to split up the rest so much. Like taking a bunch of naps as opposed to sleeping for a longer block of time (might not be the best analogy but either way).

    So yea this video was great, glad I realised how to properly do antagonistic training.

  3. I never knew I was doing supersets, I thought superset was like a shton of exercises mashed together. In this case mine would be the hanging knee/ leg raise combined with the pull ups. After I reach failure on my pull ups, I hang in there to do my knee/leg raises.

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