How to Build Muscle Endurance


When it comes to building muscle endurance how do we do that? Maybe you are training for something like a Spartan race which requires both muscular strength and endurance. How do you train for that? How do you workout differently?


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  1. I was wondering always this, is it possible to train for muscle endurance (short reps and so on) and also combine it with strength training (to get stronger)? or should one have to be done for a priod first and then move to the other on a subsequent phase?

  2. When I play baseball my arm gets tired quickly after throwing so to improve muscular endurance for upper body do I need to do it for a specific muscle group or my entire upper body? and should my reps be done fast?

  3. Being skinny while being in the military sucks so of coarse I’m trying to work out. Problem is there’s a lot of thing I’m trying to get and improve. I want to get bigger , stronger and have that muscular endurance. So what I’ve been doing is 6 sets of 12 with heavy weights , if I can’t get to 12 reps I’ll aim for 8 for that set and lower the weight so I can hit 12 for the next and so on. I’ll only take 45 second rests for the muscular endurance. I’ve been trying to eat more calories and protein so I can build more weight and size. Is this a good workout for my goals? Or am I just doing it all wrong? The worst feeling working hard for nothing.

  4. I find increasing reps and switch to other body part between sets is best. For example: I do hindu push ups as most I can and then without resting I start doing squats and switch between.

  5. thanks for the information. I'm doing calisthenics and I'm at around 15 pullups and 50 pushups in a row, I'm gonna try this, do you recommend a rest time? 1 min or 30 seconds? less? lol

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