How to Build Muscle At Any Age


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In this video, I take you through my 6 months of muscle building. What I did, how I did it, things that surprised me, things that I loved and things that were tough.

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  1. Finally an ADULT talking to adults. I'm sick of pulling up videos of scantilly clad women with 5 pounds of eyelashes. Thank you for being real and down to earth. I also researched what pump meant and a video came up by some young man that was vulgar and talked like he was drugged. Ive subscribed and will definitely share! I am 69 years old in fairly good health, but want to do more to get off my BP medication.

  2. If you’re 60 you look great. I’m motivated by your journey. I’m 64 and not as active as I have been in the past. I plan to get back in action soon. Thanks for the video and keep up the good work.

  3. you really inspire me I'm a 51 year old male, I did weight training like 12 years ago for 3 years, but never really got good results in those 3 years, I was slim and athletic, BUT, I came bak to weight training 2 months ago, now a 51 year old and currently gaining muscle more than ever, I get comments about how I look bigger and muscular, I mean, ONLY 2 months, I continue to do intermittent fasting, and I have a gym at home now, I take supplements included creatine, Im thinking I'll need heavier weights! AND peanut buttter OMG! I snack on peanut butter and jelly, I just love that heavenly combination, I dont eat bread, I try to keep it in a strict moderation, Ive heard that you can build muscle and lose fat with a caloric deficit, but not that low, this is the third time I heard it from your video, thanks for the inspiration and information, you look great! I suscribed to your channel, keep on the good work…

  4. Could you please tell me how often you go to the gym. I find getting to the gym in the summer harder. I do go but it’s only 3 times a week. The winter i can go more. IM coming up to 70 and really want to stay as fit as I possibly can , as long as I don’t get any injuries. Thank you for all the information , so helpful.

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