How Planet Fitness Became Hated By The World


Planet Fitness is not only the most hated gym in the world, but possibly the most hated business / company in the entire world. Why? Is Planet Fitness really that bad? Does Planet Fitness really HATE Fit People, or is their whole business model genius? Many have said that Planet Fitness gym are hypocrites, so, let’s explore that today.

This is, How Planet Fitness Became Hated By The World

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Also, the idea for this video was inspired by “Keefrica” who posted a video on a similar topic in September 2016 titled “5 reasons to AVOID PLANET FITNESS” You can watch his version here –


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  1. This is the first I have heard of this. I love Planet Fitness and have been an active member since 2014. I have always been intimidated by gyms, and for regular people like me who just want to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s perfect. In my area, it’s the fastest growing gym. The people who are doing all the complaining can go to other gyms if they don’t like it.

  2. I think you got it backwards. The atmosphere they provide is to keep them fat, not to have them keep coming to the gym, but to have them stay a member but likely not go to the gym out of shame.

    Healthy people go to the gym, even if they net their goals, they would keep going. The point is to sell as many memberships as possible while keeping the gym from getting overcrowded.

  3. The creator of this video apparently has a HUGE issue against PF. Why, he continuously says PF caters to beginners. That is foolish. It’s for people exercising on a health maintenance level. Heavy-lifters of course will be frustrated in that PF does not carry huge amounts of free weights. So when big boy loads 5 plates (total of 10), others will have to wait for this 1 guy to finish. Correctly assumed, PF targets a specific audience. Those of all ages who want to begin or maintain their physical heath. Regarding the “membership fee”, is it that difficult to walk in and cancel? They walked in to sign up. The fella who said he’s been paying his fees for over 4 yrs and never stepped foot into the gym, is a demonstration in this vids foolish and deceitful portrayal of the gym. Perhaps the creator of this video should go into a Gold’s and see and hear the environment. Bad video full of deception and a creator with a chip. I’ve been a member of PF for over 6 years now and have used over 30 gym locations. I started as a beginner and now can bench 250 x 10. But unlike many powerlifters, I have no need to drop of slam weights. True powerlifters have their culture. It is very competitive and team oriented (spotters). PF is for the individual.

  4. Lol nah your taking this shit way too serious. The gym sounds like a perfect place at seems to keep douchebags out. Just nice regular folks not trying to act hard. "Can't push your limits" Get the f outta here. Bro most, hell everyone that goes to a gym a just regular ass folks trying to lose a little weight, not become gym rats.I mean, really. Not every gym needs to be Gold's Gym,pfft. So what if they police it, nice and quite, the gyms practicly empty, perfect.

  5. I am totally behind the judgement free part. However, the pizza and bagel stuff is such patent horseshit. They know precisely what they're doing. If they were actually wanting to help it'd be a bi or triweekly veggie and fruit bar with all the fruit and veg you could eat. No one got fat on grapes

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